est. 1989

GR. CH. MGK's I'm a Doozy Too 

GR. Ch. Karaseks BC Grizzly of Powerplay

CH. GW's Mr. Bruno of Bybee

CH. Root’s Red Raider of Dailey

The Red, White, And Bully Show ABA/AMA/Irondog
July 1-2
 Claremont, California

The ABA was established in 1989 and offers the oldest, largest and most complete genealogy database for the American bulldog.


The American Bulldog Association -More Than Just a Registry...

GR. CH. Bybee's Little Ripper

GR. CH. Normans Sergeant Fury (Turbo)

CH. Schaefer's Tango The Tank

GR. CH. Souza's Matias of SAB

The American Bulldog Association is committed to promoting purebred American Bulldogs and breeding for type and function while steadfast in upholding the integrity of the registry. 

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