5 Year Kennel Registration- $90.00

Litter Registration 


1 Year Kennel Registration- $30.00

Registration with no Pedigree $25.00

Transfer of Ownership $25.00


est. 1989


Registration with 3 Generation Pedigree $35.00

Tube Mailing


Registration with 6 Generation Pedigree $60.00

10 Year Kennel Registration- $150.00

Registration with 5 Generation Pedigree $50.00

Rush Fee (Processed within five business days of receipt)- $10.00

Out of Country Shipping $10.00

Breeder- retained by $15.00

Duplicate Copy 


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The ABA does not accept all dogs and reserves the right to refuse registration. The criteria is strict to help preserve the quality, purity and health of the American Bulldog.

Q: What dog registries does the ABA accept?


Q: How can we submit our registration?

A: All registrations must be mailed via snail mail to PO Box 121, Maricopa, Arizona 85139 or Emailed to Info@ababulldogs.com (see PDF at the bottom of the page to download registration form).

Q: What payment methods will be accepted with the ABA?

A: We accept checks, money orders and now payment can be made via PayPal. Please make checks payable to American Bulldog Association.

*Fill out forms completely. Make sure the form is fully completed with legible handwriting. The ABA is not responsible for errors due to hard to read handwriting.